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Arapahoe Central Vacuum (ACV) is very knowlegeable about Beam Central Vacuum equipment. Since 2002, ACV has been diagnosing and repairing Beam vacuum and their various tool kits, including all those broken necks!

We have the ability to replace relays, circuit boards, motors, filters, buckets, brushes, wands, heads, nozzels, necks, handles, hoses, outlets, switches, cords, and more! Central vacuums are one of the best values for a home. Beam central vacuum units (motor hung in your utility room or garage) are the best machines on the market!

See the photos below to identify your equipment. Beam partnered with many differnt beater-bar brush head and hose companies:

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Beam Authorized Dealer

Arapahoe Central Vacuum has been servicing and installing central vacuums since 2002. We are honored to be a fully licensed Beam Central Vacuum dealer in the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum features the Serenity Central Vacuum series including Serenity SC375 Serenity SC398, and Serenity SC3500.

We work with the biggest builders as well as the DIY person and everyone in between. We service all the Beam products including Beam Serenity, Beam Classic, and Beam Alliance.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum is a large builder partner, as is Beam Central Vacuums. We understand the needs of the large builders and work seemlessly with your crew. ACV is fully insured and is the largest central vacuum company in the state. We are not a low-voltage company, because your central vacuum is not an after-thought.

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