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Retro‑fits Are Our Specialty

Arapahoe Central Vacuum (ACV) has never met a house they couldn't retro‑fit a central vacuum installation. In fact, ACV does everything they can to avoid cutting into walls, aside from the cuts needed to place a wall inlet.

ACV specializes in retractable hoses, as well as the traditional 30‑35' hoses. We have installed hundreds of retractable hose inlets and thousands of traditional inlets in new and existing homes. Partnering with Beam Central Vacuums, a high quality option for your central vacuum needs, you can be assured we are the best partner for your retro‑fit project.

We know the retro‑fit customer is not a general contractor. Usually the retro‑fit customer has owned a central vacuum in a previous house. Even though they have a good working knowledge of central vacuums, they do not want to do the manual labor to install the pipe through the walls of their existing home.

The good news is Arapahoe Central Vacuum has retro‑fitted hundreds of houses with a central vacuum. Retro‑fitting a central vacuum into a house with existing walls is nearly half of our installation business!

Most central vacuum retrofits are completed in one day. There is very litle cutting into walls and rarely do customers need to paint or patch. Any existing house is a candidate for a Hide-A-Hose or traditional hose central vacuum system.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum is a large builder partner, as is Beam Central Vacuums. We understand the needs of the large builders and work seemlessly with your crew. ACV is fully insured and is the largest central vacuum company in the state. We are not a low-voltage company, because your central vacuum is not an after-thought.

Beam Authorized Dealer

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