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Installation - New Construction

Arapahoe Central Vacuum (ACV) is the full-service contractor you want for your customers. We work with the biggest builders, custom home builders, the DIY person, and everyone in between. Central vacuums are not a sideline. Central vacuums are our speciality.

Sometimes the central vacuum pipe is run by the person who choses the shortest straw, the HVAC guy, the plumber, etc. Other projects the low-votage company installs the central vacuum. In both of these scenarios the person who runs the pipe never has to service their work. The new homeowner, your cusotmer will be told to call a central vacuum company if something is needed.

Not only will ACV stand behind the product after it is installed, but they will visit with your customer upon trim-out or move-in to review the equipment. Eventually every central vacuum customer becomes one of Arapahoe Central Vacuum's customers. Why not start out with the best customer service to begin with?

Running central vacuum pipe isn't rocket science. However, a common mistake made with pipe could cost the customer power, suction, downtime, and money, after the fact. They won't be around to service their sloppy installation after the fact.

Another upside to using a central vacuum company is that we can steer your customer to the best equipment. Much of the equipment sold online has short warranties, Chinese motors, and poor service records. On top of that there are companies that use planned obsolescence to keep your customer spending money.

At Arapahoe Central Vacuum, we avoid promoting equipment that is of poor value, is high maintenance, uses planned obsolescence, or is proprietary. Do not leave your customers with low quality central vacuum system after their home is finished.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum looks at pipe installation as a science. Just like you wouldn't want a plumber, HVAC, or electrician being careless with their installation. You want their work to have integrity, because the work they leave behind is close up behind walls. It is the same with central vacuum pipe.

Arapahoe Central Vacuum is a large builder partner, as is Beam Central Vacuums. We understand the needs of the large builders and work seemlessly with your crew. ACV is fully insured and is the largest central vacuum company in the state. We are not a low-voltage company, because your central vacuum is not an after‑thought.

About Arapahoe Central Vacuum

Arapahoe Central Vacuum has been in business since 2002. We service the Colorado Rocky Mountain Front Range, from Castle Rock to Broomfield, Evergreen to Parker, Brighton to Boulder, and everywhere in between.

Beam Authorized Dealer

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